My name is Greg and I live in London with my family and a dog. When I am not working in the studio, which happens rather rarely, I travel. And take pictures.

I believe that we are all different, unique, and beautiful. We want to preserve precious moments to relive them later. But, when was the last time you saw a picture of yourself and really liked it? Did the image really present your true and genuine personality? What emotions did it evoke? How about your family events? Did the photos really capture the moment, joy, excitement and thrill? Taking images that capture emotions and memories we want to preserve is not easy.

My passion for new and interesting photographs took me to all parts of the world. I experienced desperation and loneliness while waiting for a week in a remote part of Poland to photograph Sea Eagles and then eventually felt the thrill and excitement of a successful shot. I lived in desolate places in India, went in search of an elusive geisha in Japan, almost lost my fingers to frostbite in Canada, trekked Himalayan forest and was seconds away from being shot at by a formation of exercising German tanks. All in the quest of capturing that one, unique moment. But all of them were worth the effort.

I have over twenty years of experience as a photographer. During that period technology has changed dramatically forever changing the culture of photography. But apparently it is not technology that is entirely responsible for a good picture. For that, they say, THE EYE is needed.

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´You don´t take a photograph, you make it´
Ansel Adams

Ps. Special thanks to Ela, Beyond Ordinary wouldn´t be the same without you.